Lights, flowers, results!

  At Hiparlux Horticulture we get started where it counts—with top-notch lighting solutions for your customer, no matter what the size of their grow. You see, we have a simple goal going forward – to empower growers, giving them the tools they need to produce stunning plants like never before. When your customers come in looking to get serious, an LED system is ideal for various reasons. From saving time, money, and energy to the increase of overall yields, Hiparlux products practically sell themselves.

  Breaking down the science and amassing real-world experience in the LED industry are only a few ways in which we go the extra mile. As a small business, we strive not only to help our customers but to help our vendors as well. Having gone the distance to produce an exemplary product, we have complete confidence that stocking our products will ultimately help you make money and gain insight. Anyone looking to improve their growing game will appreciate the ways in which we stand out. And in turn, you will additionally stand out for your very helpful and informed recommendations.

  We believe in Hiparlux lighting, and you will too when you learn both the immediate and long-term benefits. We know your customers will respond positively just as ours have. Why? For starters, our lights put off VERY little heat in comparison to the other guys. This reduces unwanted moisture, pests, and the overall vulnerability of plants. They feature a 120-degree light angle, meaning zero light goes to waste, saving your customer both money and energy. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they are also getting long-term reliability and affordability in addition to a lush, flourishing operation. You simply cannot go wrong.

  As you can see, Hiparlux not only helps the customer, we help you, the business owner as well. In this day and age, we can and all stand to benefit from such an opportunity. As dedicated, experienced growers and business owners ourselves, we know what works – plain and simple. When you choose to move forward with us, we know we will leave you with an abundance of new and returning customers. 

  If you are interested in stocking our products or would simply like to request more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out at or conveniently on our website. Come grow with us! For the haters… lighten up, we’re gardening here!

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