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WATER RESISTANT & IP65 RATED: These units are built tough to withstand the elements of a cultivation environment including but not limited to dust, water, and vpd.

SAVE MONEY, USE LESS ELECTRICITY: Everyone knows the benefit of LED by now, that’s why you are here...you will save money on your electric bill there is no question.

PREMIUM COMPONENTS: We only use high quality Samsung, LG, and Cree diodes in our lights. We are in it for the long term and so are you.

BEST IN CLASS WARRANTY: We have a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, which is industry leading!

LESS HEAT OUTPUT: Using LED lights generate less heat, which also requires less AC cooling. Yay!

IMPORTANT NOTES: These lights are designed and assembled straight out of Grand Rapids Michigan, and we are very proud of this! We ensure only the highest quality anodized aluminum alloy is used in our rigid frames, which also acts as a passive heatsink for the unit. This design is built to last, and keep itself cool without any moving fans or AC.

*HIPARLED ONLY* Check out our accessories section to see the customizable bars you can swap out on your unit to customize your spectrum for UV Trichome or Red Growth.

Due to demand, certain custom or large orders may take up to 4 weeks to ship after payment. We are committed to not cutting corners while we increase our production capacity. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this. All Pro/Wifi models include a timer and dimmer built into the smartphone app, It is best to keep your lights 12-18” above your canopy to achieve best light penetration and coverage, depending on which model you are using. Unit was designed to work in ambient temperatures ranging from -35°F to 95°F when mounted/hanging and up to 87°F when surface mounted. Operating temperature ranges between 75°F to 87°F above surrounding ambient air. For best performance, ensure you have a minimum of one ft3 of airflow surrounding the unit to get the best cooling. Giving proper airflow to your unit will also help extend unit life. Warranty: All of our units are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for five years. Manufacturer warrants that this product is only suitable for its intended use as a plant grow light. Weather, crops, soil and other conditions may vary in results. The manufacturer and distributors make no warranty of any kind regarding results. Buyer and user both agree to accept all liability in regard to use of these products. Installation by a certified electrician is required in order for validity of warranty so save your proof of purchase and bill from your electrician. We recommend taking a picture of both.